Spare Parts

  • Universal ball

    Universal ball

    Huzhou YUANTUO is a mechanical engineering company specializing in R & D, design and manufacture of all kinds of transportation automation equipment, logistics storage equipment and parts. The business involves the design and manufacture of all kinds of single machines and spare parts, the connection and collocation of multiple machines, and the field investigation, planning and development of system engineering. Manufacturing feasible and reliable mechanical equipment is our responsibili...
  • leveler for conveyor

    leveler for conveyor

    Features of cup foot products: 1. Product material: the product is made of carbon steel, and the surface treatment is optional (zinc / nickel / chromium / blackening / pulse painting) or 202 / 304 stainless steel 2. Product size: product size can be selected according to the shape of the picture 3. Scope of use: this series of products are suitable for all kinds of heavy machinery, food machinery, medical equipment, cabinets, etc 4. Product advantages: the product has high bearing capacity, c...
  • Freund


    Fulailun series products are small in size and light in weight, suitable for conveying goods with flat bottom. It is mostly used in the bend part of the conveying system or the part of diversion and confluence, and can also be used as a guard or guide on both sides of the conveyor. Fulai pulley is also used for casters, which can also play an auxiliary role in many conveyors, such as the ascending section of climbing belt conveyor to press the belt, etc. In the assembly line, Fulai wheel is w...